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Welcome to “Garden at the Cellar” my own personal blog about restaurant management and finance. The name comes from the fact that I believe that there really isn’t that much information out there about restaurant operation that is reliable and trustworthy. So many blogs claim to be “Professionals” in the industry but in reality have no experience.

10 years into my career as a restaurant manager, I started to try to find resources online to help me advance in my career. Countless of wasted hours later, I realized that restaurant operation advice is hidden, almost as though in a “cellar”.

That gave me the idea to start this blog. I wanted to be the Garden at the Cellar, the ray of hope for all those out there looking to learn more about restaurant operation from someone that actually has experience.

Feel free to look around my blog, and let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see me post about.

– Dana Gomez <3